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The ultimate guide for young professionals

Modern Money exists to help young professionals maximize their potential and their impact. We strive to provide reliable, relevant information and specifically focused advice for young professionals, from young professionals. It is our hope that these resources can help prepare our generation for the unique challenges that they face as they progress through their professional educations and careers.

Meet the Founders


Christopher is a corporate and commercial lawyer practicing at a prominent Canadian law firm. Additionally, Christopher is a small business owner and active investor.

His ambition and his belief in the potential of our generation has driven him to build Modern Money. It is his hope that this platform will enable young professionals to gain important insights, connect with a group of like-minded individuals and ultimately guide them to achieve and exceed their professional and personal ambitions.

To connect with Christopher, send him a message on LinkedIn: Christopher Belanger LinkedIn


Erin is a labour and employment lawyer practicing at a prominent Canadian law firm. Erin is also an active investor in both the stock market and real estate.

Erin, like many other young professionals, searched for helpful information throughout his professional journey, but had difficulty finding clear, reliable and useful resources. This issue, coupled with Erin’s desire to help others in achieving personal and professional success, inspired him to co-found Modern Money with his close friend, Chris.

To connect with Erin, send him a message on LinkedIn: Erin Zorde LinkedIn

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