Our Purpose

The ultimate guide for young professionals

Modern Money exists to help young professionals maximize their potential and their impact. We strive to provide reliable, relevant information and specifically focused advice for young professionals, from young professionals.

Our reliable and relevant resources can help prepare our generation for the unique challenges that they face as they progress through their professional education and their careers.

Modern Money was founded by two Canadians after identifying a need for reliable and relevant resources for young professionals. They, like many others, turned to their friends and mentors for advice on navigating the challenges that many young professionals face, which led to a bigger question: why isn’t there a go to platform focused solely on empowering young professionals – both in their personal and professional life?

This question, along with their belief in the potential of their generation, led to the launch of Modern Money in August of 2020. Since launching, Modern Money has had over 100 insightful and independently-authored articles go live, millions of impressions across its social media platforms and, most importantly, Modern Money has created a network of empowered young professionals across Canada.

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