Professional Development

How to Excel in an Interview: Slide Series Edition

by Christopher Bélanger & Christian Pierce

Nail that next job interview with this instructional slide series on everything you need to know on how to excel in an interview!

See the full article by Christian Pierce here.

how to excel in an interview
how to excel in an interview
About Christopher Bélanger

Chris is a business lawyer and a co-founder of Modern Money. Chris is originally from Winnipeg but now splits time between Winnipeg and Calgary.

About Christian Pierce

Christian Pierce an Account Executive & Partner at Turnbull-Whitaker Insurance Brokers Inc., located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Before joining Turnbull-Whitaker an owner to pursue his passion for business, Christian worked as a lawyer at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP.  During his law school days, Christian was the Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law where he assisted his colleagues with interview preparation and networking. If you would like to discuss this article more with Christian, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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