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How to Boost Your Career with Social Media

by Anja Sadovski Freelance Communications Specialist


  • Social media platforms you should be using
  • Using social media to land jobs
  • Using social media to find companies in your industry

Social media is an integral tool that can help you boost your career or professionalism online. It can help you advertise your personal brand that you’ve worked so hard on, and it can help you find or acquire a job.

First, you’ll want to get familiar with the major platforms. This is important as each platform has specific functions and its own unique audience whose needs vary. Before creating a profile, ask yourself these questions:

Where do the people who I’d like to attract spend their time, and where are they most active?

What niche social media platforms are right for me, and which ones should I consider using?

While it’s good to be ubiquitous, know that you shouldn’t be on every platform just for the sake of being on every platform. If the platform doesn’t match your goal or brand, you don’t have to be on it. For example, if you’re looking for people to notice your professional skills, choose to work on your LinkedIn profile instead of your Instagram profile. Less is more, especially when you don’t have the time to manage multiple accounts properly with equal effort.

Which Social Media Platforms Should I be Actively Using?

For young professionals, I’d recommend having an active and up-to-date LinkedIn. Career-wise, this is one of the best platforms you can have and be active on. Even if you’re not actively searching for employment, it’s still a good idea to set up an account as you can link with people you meet at networking events and connect with current and former coworkers. It’s also a great place to post your accomplishments and accolades. LinkedIn is one of the only places on the internet that you can honourably promote yourself without sounding pretentious, so take advantage of it (for more on the benefits of LinkedIn, click here: The Value of LinkedIn).

Another platform you shouldn’t overlook is Twitter. This platform is incredibly diverse in its functions and benefits. It’s everything from a promotional tool to an expression of who you are as a person. On Twitter, you’re able to promote your work, reach a large number of people, follow and connect with other experts in your field, build relationships with like-minded people, keep up to date with the latest news and developments, and follow and contribute to discussions within your industry.

Use Social Media to Land Jobs in Your Industry

We know that employers are looking at our social media as a form of screening. But why not change the game? Instead of an employer digging around on your social media profile, why don’t you do some research on them instead? Knowing everything you can about the company and people that work for the company is the best way to guarantee a successful interview. If you can, scope out the interviewer and find specific commonalities. Use these nuggets of information as talking points, which can drastically set you apart from other applicants.

Use Social Media to Find Companies in Your Industry

Networking and associating with the right people and companies can help grow your career. Social media has every kind of company you could dream of working for or with, so take advantage of it. Take some time to network with companies on social media and make yourself known in your particular industry. At the very least, keep up to date with companies you’re interested in. This strategy allows you to be aware of relevant information like job openings.

A Final Note for Young Professionals.

At the very least, acknowledge how important it is to establish a professional reputation and keep your social media profiles up to date. This is a sure way to keep ahead of your competition. Be critical of your posts, comments, and interactions and focus on content suited for your industry. Do these things, and you’ll put yourself in a strong position to benefit professionally from social media.

Anja Sadovski
About Anja Sadovski

Anja Sadovski is a Creative Communications program grad who specialized in public relations. She formerly worked as an assistant social media strategist, where she found her passion for helping professionals capitalize on the benefits of social media. Now Anja spends her time as a freelance communications specialist and as the author of her blog Social Media Encyclopedia.

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