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What’s Next? Helpful Guidance on Finding The Next Chapter of Your Life

by Derek Yachison Former Professional Athlete and current Owner of East Winnipeg FBBC and North Regina FBBC

Life is Written in Many Different Chapters

While we always think that the current chapter we are in will be everlasting, it never seems to end up that way. Inevitably, the forces of life will soon push you to the reckoning that you need to get to work on finding your next chapter. For me, sports (mainly football) was my first and only chapter for the better part of my life. From my very first time playing the sport at the age of 12, to getting my first experience of playing professionally at the age of 21, to finally stepping away from the game at the age of 25 – it took everything I had in me to reach the pinnacle of football in Canada. You see, I was never the fastest, never the strongest, never the most naturally gifted, and certainly never the most athletic individual on the field, but I ensured one thing, no one would work harder than I would.

The traits that I developed reaching high levels in sport are traits that will never be lost, but inevitably, once my playing career was over I was left with a large void and many people asking me, “what’s next?”.

Finding Your Next Chapter

For as long as I can remember, after my playing career I was set on becoming a physical educator, but I quickly learned the many boundaries and limitations are set on this career choice (and so many others), which I knew wasn’t for me. Being in sport, and experiencing high level sport, it had put me at the mercy of other individuals’ decisions for far too long. I decided that I wanted to be in charge of my own future, and my own income. 

Soon after, I began my career as a personal trainer, this allowed me to find my own clients, make my own hours and, of course, control my income and future. I always had a passion for fitness and health, but my passion was quickly amplified when my training had vastly increased in order to play football professionally. After working at several fitness facilities, and working with hundreds of clients, I decided to try organizing and instructing group training sessions. Group training quickly became a massive success, and this led me to open two group training studios. I can’t say enough how much I love what I do – it’s truly been an amazing ‘next chapter’.

For passionate individuals who are willing to work hard, and endure many hardships but also many successes, there is nothing quite like being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is akin to always working on finding your next chapter – that’s what makes it so exciting and rewarding.

My Advice to Young Professionals

Take opportunities as they come, even if you feel you are not prepared. Sometimes the only way to learn is to be thrown into the fire of a new career or opportunity and learn by making mistakes (inevitably) and then succeeding. Most importantly, work hard. Hard work can make up for the many shortfalls we may have as people. Hard work coupled with consistency over time will always equal success. 

Take the leap, bet on yourself, and never look back!

Derek Yachison
About Derek Yachison

Derek Yachison is a former professional athlete turned entrepreneur and currently owns two fitness studios – one in Winnipeg and one in Regina. In addition to owning and operating these two fitness studios, Derek is an active real estate investor.

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